Responsible Tourism

Caminhos da História is a company that follows a Responsible Tourism Policy certified by BIOSPHERE Responsible Tourism.

We have the “Clean&Safe” seal from Turismo de Portugal and the “Safe Travels” certification from the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) – which represents the travel and tourism sector globally.

Tourism is a dynamic sector, constantly growing, and with a high social responsibility, so we consider that we should transmit to our customers good practices of Responsible Tourism.

Our goal is always to provide the tourist with the best experience, we organize the guided tours in a most conscious way possible for us.

Traveling and getting to know new places is undoubtedly an enriching and rewarding activity and on our part the opportunity to transmit knowledge.

Caminhos da História strives to carry out a sustainable management of its activities, as such, we think it is important to raise tourists' awareness towards the impact that this sector can have at the environmental, social and economic level.

It is increasingly important to be aware of the negative impact that our actions can have, so we seek to make increasingly conscious and responsible choices.

Although our primary activity does not consume material goods, we are committed to changing consumption patterns and our choices and offerings are more sustainable.

Below are some of the Responsible Tourism Measures that we have implemented in our company:


  1. Take a reusable water bottle;
  2. Don't throw rubbish on the floor;
  3. Opt for traditional food;
  4. Choose to support local trade;
  5. Rejects single-use plastics;
  6. Opt for public transport when possible;
  7. Limits the paper you print to what you need;
  8. Do not waste water;
  9. Do not always ask to clean the room;
  10. Respects all animals;
  11. Do not take memories of nature (do not interfere with fauna and flora);
  12. Take pictures respecting those around you;
  13. Respect local culture and traditions;
  14. Use environmentally friendly products on your day-to-day and on-day trips.

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